10 Most In Demand Skills for a Job

10 Most In Demand Skills for a Job

India is on the boom of a digital revolution . Ever since Jio came into the Telecom industry , it created a monopoly in no time , because we started consuming a lot of data . So skills which were once limited to some individuals , can now be accessed by anyone with a good internet connection . These skills enable you to have an edge over other competitors in the industry . So these are the 10 most in demand skills for job , also these skills when once acquired can end up in high paying salary and you can also use these skills in freelancing, working with big firms and making your portfolio strong .

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Animation, Skills

Animation finds its spot at number 10 in our list . With a plethora of opportunities and seemingly never ending user consumption , it has become one of the greatest assets an individual can possess . Think about this . All the fiction movies you watched as a child , like Toy Story , Alaadin , Shrek etc were all animated . Actually , the very world we live in , is full of animated masterpieces and visual effects beyond our vision . 

All this amalgamated into a skill , and you have one of your greatest assets . 

To learn animation , you need a laptop (preferably Mac) , some requisite softwares such as Synfig Studio and Blender for Mac , and Seamless 3D and Anim8or for Windows. Now you are ready to rock the world with your vision of a great animation . For learning the skill in a structured format , buy subscription plans of any recognised and industry-trusted site and you have the required resources as well . So , be up and doing.


Digital marketing skills

To be honest , marketing and sales in India is very underrated and not given the praise and respect which it surely deserves . Things are not the same in foreign countries like USA ,China etc. The ability to sell is one of the most difficult and at the same time , one among much in demand skills for a job if we take industry level operations into consideration . The irony here is that we don’t accept marketing as a skill , but the unorganised sector of India , which is solely placed on the art of selling contributes to about 49% of our GDP .

As mentioned earlier , digital revolution is in high spirits now , so the amalgamation of marketing and digital skills have created the term Digital Marketing . It is also one of the most popular and worth learning skills in this list of most in demand skills for a job that a person can be educated in . It in itself is a huge subject , consisting of many sub-skills , such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) , SMM (Social Media Marketing) , Web Analytics , CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) , Sales Funnel and a lot more . For digital marketing as well , you need to buy a well organised course online from trusted resources . Although there is a lot of free content available in the market , yet an organised course structure is far above them. So , you can explore this thing as well.


Content Marketing skills

Content Writing is yet another amazing option for you to enter the social world with a boom . The skill , though very straightforward and easy to comprehend , is equally decisive and tricky . To acquire this skill is probably easier than most of the other entries on our list , but this demands perseverance and patience a lot more than any other skill . Basically , you need to attain proficiency in any language , English , Hindi , French , German etc. And then , you need to write good articles that can grab the readers’ attention . So here , the choice of words is what matters , and once you reach a good level , you will be making a heavy revenue of it.

This skill does not require very complex and algorithmically designed courses , but you may opt for them . Also it involves little technicalities , so anyone who likes a particular language can learn this skill and strengthen his/her portfolio.


Graphic Designing skills

One of the most crucial and at the same time one of the most exciting skill among different skills for a job required; yes we are talking about Graphic Designing . Learning it is so fun and engaging that if you have some interest in visual arts and engaging self made pictures , Graphic Designing could be a child’s play . However , it is not as easy as it seems . There are a lot of sub-skills you need to learn such as Visual Hierarchy , Aspect Ratio , Negative spaces etc . However , the fun element in it never fades with time , rather it compounds.

Graphic Designing is truly an amazing and praiseworthy skill in your skillset . To learn it , you can use tools such as PicsArt , Photoshop and many more . Once you master it , do projects for people , strengthen your resume and then maybe you would like to apply for a graphic designer position in big MNC’s . The pay scale is great once you are at the top of your work . This could be a skill you’re looking for!


Web Development Skills

Think about this . If you are given an assignment in your school or college over a completely random and alien topic ; something you’ve never heard of , what will you do ? You’d go and “google it out” . Simple . Basically google is a one stop solution to all your college assignments , isn’t it ? The importance of web development lies here , in this small example . Had there been no access to this resource , imagine how the world would have been like ? You would not have been reading this blog and not submitting projects . 

In today’s world , a lot of businesses , firms and organizations that once operated in the real world are transitioning into the digital world parallely . To do this , they need a well organised website wherein they can put their services and content to be available to the customer. For this reason and many other reasons , web development makes it at number 6 on our most in demand skills for a job list .

Now a web developer is broadly of 2 types : the Front End Developer and the Back End Developer . To give an example , a front end developer has to configure and plan out the way users will interact with the website . Basically what we see is all front end and falls under front end development . The Back End includes the complex algorithms and set of codes that form the backbone of the website , similar to a car’s engine . Now , if a person has mastery over front and back end development , then he/she is called a Full Stack Developer . If you are a full stack developer of high knowledge and acclimation , you can make a lot of money without being officially employed . Again , you should go for paid online courses for learning web development and it can be your greatest achievement in near future.


Android Development skills

The never ending competition between Android and IOS has soared to new heights in recent years . The world of app development has thus opened up new portals and opportunities for developers to contribute to this competition . To learn App development may be a not-so-easy task , but once you are proficient enough , you come across never ending opportunities and many career options such as a Mobile App Developer which , on the high levels , make a huge income monthly or in some cases , daily.

To learn app development , the first requirement is learning a computer language , preferably Java or Kotlin . Just a little fact , Java used to be the official language of Android in recent years , but in 2017 , Kotlin was declared the official language of Android by Google . So the point is , you need to master a language completely , along with the Data Structures and Algorithms , and then , go for an online or offline well organised and systematic course for further proceedings . Popular softwares for development include Android Studio , PhoneGap , Jasonette etc. 

The thing about App Development is that the learning never stops . You have to be equipped with the knowledge of the latest technology , and this requires a lot of determination and drive to create . So this skill in list of most in demand skills for a job is one of the most difficult , but can be exhilarating for some. And as far as jobs go , you can apply in companies once your resume is strengthened , or you can do freelancing . It’s completely up to you . You can create your own apps and upload them on App Store or Play Store and generate revenue . The possibilities are innumerable .


Photography skills

Now time for the skill that a not-so-tech-man would like . Photography has , and will always be one of the top skills on your checklist . Why ? Because it’s usage never ends . From clicking your photos and selling them at deserved prices , to working as a professional photographer and gaining knowledge , this work is rather a merrytime . However that doesn’t make it an easy skill and you have to put your heart and soul in it . To give you an example , just analyse the photograph shown below , and you’ll understand the next level dedication required in this field.

Photography is one of the very few most in demand skills for a job , which demand a good investment upfront . The camera and other equipments are priced.

However , on a beginner level , you can start with your smartphones and click some photographs for analysis . Online courses of photography are available as well , so first you can gain knowledge and then implement it . Basic concepts of shutter speed , exposure , ISO speed etc should be known as a prerequisite . As far as the pay scale goes , you will not make good money in the initial stages of your career , but as you gain experience and upgrade your skill set , you can literally make any amount of money you want .

This one too is a good skill to possess.


Artificial Intelligence

A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is yet another amazing power you can possess . On a layman level , A.I. is the ability of a system to make smart and intelligent decisions , learn from its mistakes and improve overtime , much like human intelligence . Ray Kurzweil , an American inventor and futurist says ,

Artificial Intelligence will reach human levels by 2029 , follow that out further to , say , 2045 . And we will have multiplied the intelligence – the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization – a Billion folds .”

Ray Kurzweil

Such is the excitement of A.I. in the modern world . We can take creation to an altogether different level with the help of A.I.

However , we need a certain path to trod upon so as to learn the concepts of artificial intelligence first . First and foremost , you need to learn a language , and Python is the absolute 9show-stealer here . With Python it becomes easier and faster to learn this skill . The codes are simple and easy to understand , and as far as the equipment to learn A.I go , Apache Mahout , IBM Watson and many more are there . Again , a good structured course curriculum is suggested .


Cloud Computing

To be honest , cloud computing undeservedly grabs the least attention when learning a new skill is discussed . Maybe that’s because it involves what we may popularly call “Rocket Science”. But cloud computing is irrefutable and very promising and a needed skill of the future . 

So What basically is cloud computing ? A cloud is an abstract item which is used to store data in it . Designing it is cloud computing . Simple ?

Actually it is not so . This too involves a lot of concepts and understanding them is a task . 

Cloud computing has a lot of advantages . Firstly you don’t have to maintain actual data repositories or physical files , the cloud has everything . If somehow your work premises demise , you can get full data retrieval via the cloud . Secondly , you can upscale really quickly , and many more applications of cloud computing are there . 

So how to learn it ? Well you can look for online courses for cloud computing from a variety of sources , like AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is itself a cloud computing platform and is the world’s best presently . Other sources include udemy , coursera , EdX etc.


Coding skills

All the skills , ranging from Web Development to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ; from App Development to Graphic Designing , is centred around coding . This is at the top in most in demand skills for a job that every one who wants to be in the software world must learn . Hence this tops our list . Coding basically is giving instruction to the machine to do some work , and there are special languages designed for it , like Java , C++ , Python , C# , JavaScript , Fluttr , Kotlin and so many more . You can start with any language ( I prefer Java or C++) and finish it to the end , and then you may learn other languages as well . 

Coding doesn’t top our list because it is the base of everything in the software world , but because it fits into the course and curriculum of our schools and colleges , though on a basic level . A B-Tech undergraduate studying Computer Science or Information Technology has coding in his/her syllabus , so that makes it an easygoing process . But that doesn’t mean that only they can learn it . Anyone can code . It’s just based on your level of hard work and consistency that how good a coder you become . You can apply in big Tech giants like Facebook , Microsoft , Google , Amazon for the software engineer post and you get paid very well . 

You can opt for either offline or online courses depending upon your convenience . The key to success here is consistent practice . If you can do it , you’ll definitely be a good coder . So coding is somewhere you should focus on .
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So that’s our list for the top 10 most in demand skills for a job. If you like this post , be sure to like it and comment down below which top 10 you want up next!

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