Improving Self Development is very important as the world is affected with the consequences of Covid-19. According to the latest updates , the number of active cases are rising continuously. With no proper aid, it has become the biggest global issue , to worry about. The medical staff is working 24×7 to help the victims of the disease. In order to maintain the safety of the citizens, various  countries all over the world, are at the stage of lockdown , with proper guidelines provided by the government. Unity and mutual   cooperation with our heroes are the basic needs. 


Self development and self growth

What is self growth? 

Self growth means to work on the traits of a person you are. The traits can be both emotionally related as well as your talents that need a little push to glow. In the busy schedule of life, we do not have time to think about this side of our personality. In this race , we often forget the reason for which we participated. So, this is that precious time for you, when you can work on your self development as well as your passion. Further in the article, we will provide the best ways to work on your growth and talents. 

Things to know about Self Development

This period of time requires strong mental health . The strength of your immune system strongly depends on the psychology of your mind . The only way to keep your mental health strong is your will to be optimistic during this pandemic. Living under the roof and walls of your home for months, might make you feel nausea , headache and sleeping problems. The best way to deal is to utilize the time for your beneficial self development . It is difficult to put up an extra effort during normal days but you can definitely achieve your targets during this period of lockdown. 



Innovation self development

Today’s era is full of opportunities. Talent is always appreciated. Give your 100 percent on innovative thoughts and welcome your innovation with grace. 

A Jaipur based company has developed robots to help health workers in the screening of people during this crisis. The robots can even identify that  a person is wearing a mask or not. The robot which is 95 percent made in India is the first to be based on spine technology. The robot does not follow any line or magnetic path, it self navigates. You can get the information at

Note: We have provided an example of technical innovation but it is not necessary that you should have a technical and scientific approach. You can think of any innovative idea that can benefit you as well as the society. We all need to come together in this crisis. Why not to do something innovative if it benefits your self development? 


Cook- self development

Cooking is not only a hobby or something which you do out of interest, but also a basic need of every living being. So, try out different recipes and feed yourself. You can even try something creative by merging two different recipes into one dish. Different colors in the cooking pan can make your day. If you are not good at it, watch some videos on youtube or do read a good cooking blog . The reason to suggest this is that cooking improves your focus and patience level.  

During the pandemic, it is difficult for the maids to come to your destination and cook so it is better that you  try it by yourself. Further, self dependence is the most important key to achieve self development. If you are already good at cooking, then you can use this talent to guide others. You can post videos with different concepts or write a good cooking blog. 


If you are interested in some particular language, you should definitely learn it. Knowledge never goes in vain. This will surely improve your communication skills and knowledge of different words which can be added in your vocabulary. Remember about the optional language to learn in school. Basically, majority of Indian schools provide an option to choose among Sanskrit, French and German. The purpose is to add a gain in your knowledge and it also helps to divert your mind in something new.

Here, we will describe the best ways to learn a language:


The best way to improve your listening and comprehension is by listening to native speakers. Watch TED talks and listen to podcasts. 


It is difficult to practice on a daily basis when you have other priorities  but a daily practice of 10 minutes can help a lot. 


Try to talk with someone who has a proper knowledge of the language and by this way you will easily get familiar with the usage of common words and the way of pronouncing them. 

Important Tips:

1  Try out many resources but choose a handful that you will use daily. 

2  If you don’t know a word, look it up. 

3  Keep a diary in your target language, it will help you understand the language. 

4  Watch a movie or listen to music in that particular language, it will help you to learn the language at a faster pace. 

5  Follow as many blogs as possible, that write about your language.

Click here- : Download Duolingo app.

Duolingo app self development

You can install the app from Play Store, the app is great with the motivational messages and graphic design . It offers practical vocabulary and different practices, which are helpful. 


Exercise self development

Exercise regularly and we will suggest you a half an hour yoga routine in the morning to keep your body fit . “Health Is Wealth”, the key point of self development is a healthy body and fresh mind. Yoga originally initiated in India has lots of benefits . It keeps your mind calm, increases the flow of blood to various parts of your body and helps in the cure of many diseases. The hormonal disorders can be cured by following a strict yoga routine. 

During this period , it will be really beneficial if you follow yoga and meditation. Yoga followed by meditation is enough to keep your mind calm and helps in self development . You might think that gyms and yoga centres are closed due to the coronavirus lockdown but you can choose a different way. There are a variety of apps that can guide you about yoga and meditation. So, choose any one of them. Ensure that the app has  the best features and you can learn through it easily. 

Nowadays, most of the schools and colleges have a regular yoga and meditation period . This is done to ensure good health and peaceful mind of the students. 

We will suggest you the best yoga and meditation apps , which are as follows:


You can download any of these apps  and make your day peaceful. 

5.  TALK

Talk self development

Talk as much as you can. It totally depends on your choice that you are comfortable in talking with people or not but the suggestion is to talk. Expression is a form of love. Atleast , try to build a good conversation with your family. If you are busy with some work then try to fix a particular time for chilling and talking with your favorite ones. It may seem as an optional tip but it is the most important one. You might have spotted children in your class, who had ample answers but they never answered. Yes, they lacked confidence but why? 

Everything starts with talking. It does not mean that you spend your whole day talking with people but do talk with some of them . A good family conversation can fix your problems and enlighten your views towards different things. Spend your valuable time with them . 

Tip : If you face problems in communication then you can decide it with the theory of reciprocation. We love talking with people who reciprocate  by listening and talking with us. It simply means that they respond to us and enjoy talking with us. Expression and  listening are important factors that help in self development. 

This is a time when you can easily talk with everyone you want to. Talking can be in various forms . You can choose the most comfortable option for yourself. Do whatever you find interesting, the options are endless. There is an app named Airtime which allows you to watch videos with another person. The point is, if you do not want to talk then you can simply spend some quality time  by watching interesting videos together. 

Here is the link to download the app :


Updated self development

Self development not only means to work on your body , mind and personality. A major part of self development is achieved when you decide to stay updated with the outer world. You should connect with the outer world to live in  the present. It may sound like a practical suggestion, but it is important to know everything about the city, country and planet where you live. You must have seen the notification in cell phones to update an app. Why do we update it? 

We choose to update the useful apps because there is  an introduction of new features in them and we want them. The features make our task simpler than before or simply make it creative. It might sound a little crazy , but , in a similar way you need to keep yourself updated.The  need of this can be explained simply in one word – SELF AWARENESS. You will notice a tremendous change in yourself when you will develop opinions for different scenarios , taking place around you. 



The debates taking place on the news channels, may seem irritating but they are a wide source of information. By keeping yourself updated, you can even contribute essential efforts for the people who really need them. 

You can also get regular updates by visiting-:


Healthy food self development

 Eating healthy food provides basic nutrients needed by your body. This is high time, to consume the food stuff that boosts up your immune system. Food is something that provides energy to your body. Now, you may think that what is the relation of food with self development? Healthy food leads to a fit body and fit mind. When your whole body gets the essential nutrients required by it then all the parts function properly and hence, the processing of the body parts is in  a systematic manner which helps in the proper growth . Systematic growth integrated with a fresh mind leads to self development. 


Acceptance self development

Self growth starts at the moment, when you realize the importance of acceptance. The major reason for depression, anxiety and mental trauma is the fear of not getting accepted by our parents, friends and society.People are trolled at school, college or their office . Children are bullied for  something, they lack. Bullying or trolling someone is a form of harsh judgement. If you are engaged in any such activity, it simply means that you lack  self development.

Stop expecting from others to accept you . Life is yours, accept yourself and live in a way, you want to live. A scene from DEAR ZINDAGI  shows Alia Bhatt asking her friend:

” Are you seeing a therapist to tell people you are gay?’’ “No, I am seeing a therapist to tell myself that I am gay.”  

– Dear Zindagi


Try to read a good book related to your interest. It can be related with any field like sports , short stories and others. You can also read an autobiography of a person . 

We will suggest you some good books like :

 The Alchemist: It is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho that was first published in 1988.The alchemist follows a young Andalusian shepherd in his journey to the pyramids of Egypt , after having a recurring dream of finding a treasure there

1984 – Although 1984 has passed us by, George Orwell’s dystopian, totalitarian world of control, fear and lies has never been more relevant. Delve into the life of Winston Smith as he struggles with his developing human nature in a world where individuality, freewill and love are forbidden.


The author of the book is Twinkle Khanna, wife of Akshay Kumar. The legend of Lakshmi Prasad is a collection of four stories on feminism. The stories speak about the society’s view on young girls. The movie Padman is based on one of the stories of the book. 

Other good books to read are as follows:

1  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. 

2  Nothing To Envy by Barbara Demick. 

3 The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. 

4  Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. 

5 The Storm by Arif Anwar. 

6 Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts. 

7 Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. 


Practice Self Development

Practice makes a man perfect and Practice your profession everyday. You should be consistent in your work. Do not leave it during this period of lockdown. Try to find ways to work on your profession daily. We are at a break for more than two months now. As the days are passing by, we are becoming habitual to the lockdown routine. Each day seems alike , now just give a moment and think about the busy schedule you had before the lockdown. Will you be able to cope up with the busy schedule again? The best way is to continue your work in some or the other way. 


Self development is a two – way process. If you want a supportive environment to grow then you need to provide a safe and secure environment for others to grow. Hope, you find the article useful. If yes then, Do share this with your friends and family and let us know your ways to improve Self Development 🙂 .

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Hello, I am a 18 year old student and a fervent blogger, having keen interest in self development and motivation. I will provide you the essential knowledge and the best ways in the respective category


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