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Most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Our world is hit by a worldwide crisis and the current situation is very disastrous. The Novel Coronavirus  which originated in Wuhan, China, has been declared as a pandemic and is spreading very quickly . The most effected countries by Coronavirus are given below.
According to worldometer.info
till date 203 countries and territories have been effected by the virus and total no. of 911,541 confirmed cases worldwide are there out of which 45,532 people have died .

Today, I would like to show you stats of the most effected countries. But before this I would like to share preventive  measures which we should take to be safe in this situation that is –

1. Wash your hands regularly after every ten minutes or after touching anything else . Use any type of soap be it normal or the antibacterial . Soap removes the fat molecules of Coronavirus and destroys it .

2. Use alcohol based sanitizer while outside to ensure cleanliness.

3. Avoid eating raw meat and going to slaughter house .

4 . The most important point is social distancing . Keep a minimum  distance of  1 metre from everyone either it be your friends, office members or even parents.

5 . Please go for checkup of Coronavirus at their centres . If your any family member, friend or anyone else who you know is travelling on a flight or other transport vehicle firstly get him/her check after they completed their journey . This is very necessary because we are avoiding this due to which this virus is spreading .

Special note- In my country, India the no. of cases are very low and I am very happy for it but I have a doubt that whether in reality the no. is so low or are we not taking proper check up of our people? So I request my government to please make some team to check each and everyone in our country.

Now continuing to our topic ,
Here are the following  top 10 most effected countries -:

1. United States of America

The most powerful nation of the world is at first spot in  Top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is the leading country suffering from this Pandemic. USA is in news headlines nowadays because of its rising cases and deaths. More than 10,000 of cases have been reported on a single day.
Till date, there are-

200,289 cases and

4,394 deaths.

2. Italy

The most effected country by this virus, which has the most no. of deaths and also it’s cases are increasing at a very rapid rate.
Italy has most no. of deaths on a single day – 983 deaths
Till date, there are –
110,574 cases and
13,155 deaths .
Italy is suffering a lot from this and its president has requested and asked for help from other countries .

3. Spain

The less known and under exposed country in media is at third spot in our list of top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Spain is second most effected country in Europe after Italy. Spain has seen increase in the no. of infected people in fourth and fifth week. The government has ordered quarantine for people’s safety .
Till date, there are –
102,136 cases and
9,053 deaths.

4. China

The country where this virus originated has the fourth most number of cases of infected people and the situation in china is now in control and the case graph is going down. Till date,there are –
81,554 cases  and
3,312 deaths.
Although China has third most no. of cases but China has done very well to recover and from last 5 days China has seen drastical decrease in the cases.

5. Germany

Although Germany is at fifth spot in our Top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19) , somehow it has manage to control its death ratio to infected person . The death percentage in Germany is very low approximately  0.37%. Germany has taken great steps and preventive measures to ensure safety of everyone.
Till date, there are –
75,754 cases and
848 deaths.

6. France

One of the major tourist attraction and favourite spot for couples , this nation is at sixth spot in Top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19) . Doctors are trying best to find out and create vaccine for this virus and we pray that they should soon find it out .
Till date, there are –
52,128 cases and
3,523 deaths.

7. Iran

At seventh spot is Iran in our Top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19) list . They have already locked down its major parts and only survival needs are being supplied. After, China, Italy, Iran  is the nation which is in news for a while.
Till date , there are-
47,593 cases and
3,036 deaths .

8. United Kingdom

The current situation does not differ and attack on the basis of poor or rich , it can infect anyone , anywhere and of any wealth. As a result , the Queen’s land is also affected by the virus to the core and UK is at eighth spot in our Top 10 most effected countries by coronavirus (COVID-19) list .
Till date , there are –
29,474 cases and
2,352 deaths.

9. Switzerland

The Dream place to travel for most people , Switzerland the cold heaven is at ninth spot in Top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
People here go outside wearing mask,gloves and gets chech of there health on regular basis to ensure maximum safety of everyone .
Till date there are-
17,137 cases and
461 deaths.

10. Turkey

It is one of the leading technology maker country which is also influenced by this virus and has not yet been successful to find out a technology to fight this situation . This place is at tenth spot in Top 10 most effected countries by Coronavirus (COVID-19) and this place is new and latest entry in our list. Turkey has seen spike in its cases in past 2 days.
Till date, there are-
15,679 cases and
277 deaths .

The given stats are taken with the help of http://worldometer.info and are last updated on – 01 April,2020 .

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