10 Tips to look fresh in summers

10 Tips to look fresh in summers

Hey people so summers are here and so are the sweats, sunburns, tanning and lots of unavoidable skin damage! Below are listed 10 tips to give you a fresh dewy look even during this scorching summer heat and helps you to get glowing skin in summer naturally and look fresh in summers.

Tip 1: – Hydration

Duh! It’s a pretty common yet unavoidable tip to look fresh in summers. Drink plenty of water, carry your own water with yourself, go for cucumbers and watermelon as they help skin a lot to remain hydrated.

Tip 2: – Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin and face is very important in summers. The whole lot perception of avoiding moisturizer in summer is completely wrong. One should go for light and non-greasy summer moisturizer for that fresh dewy look. 

Here are few tips for applying moisturizer according to your skin type: –

Oily skin: – Go for moisturizers especially available in the market for oily skin.

Dry skin: – Go for proper moisturizer application.

Combination skin: – Apply moisturizer properly on your cheeks and apply a bit light on your T- zone. 

Tip 3: – Makeup

Go easy on your makeup, go for tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation and lock your makeup with compact powder.

make up look fresh in summers

Tip 4: – Clothes

Avoid tight body-hugging clothes else you will look like a sweat bag, instead wear a flowy dress or a flowy top with bright colours and flower print. It will give more of a positive, fresh and spring vibe from you.

clothes,look fresh in summer

Tip 5: – Hairs

If you wear your hair down in summers then you should make sure that they don’t make you look untidy, for this make sure you keep combing your hairs to avoid the tangling and also avoid hairs on your face. However, its preferable to tie up your hairs in a pony or a bun or just a half clutch in summers to avoid sweat sticking up in your hair. 

Remember!!!! The more you are sorted with your hairs the tidier and fresher you look.


Tip 6: – Sunscreen

Applying a sunscreen on your skin is a basic necessity for protecting your skin from sunburn and also to protect your natural glow. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen in summers whenever going outside.

sunscreen to look fresh in summers

Tip 7: -Body Odour

Your body odour plays an important role in making you look fresh. So, carry your fragrance with yourself and keep applying it time to time.

reduce body odours to look fresh in summers

Tip 8: – Night skin care

A healthy night skin care is a must. After a long day in scorching summer heat skin needs to be replenished and pampered, so pamper it with aloe Vera gel or coconut oil.

Night care to look fresh in summers

Tip 9: – Pamper your skin more

Pamper your skin with cucumber masks it helps removing the puffiness of your eyes also it does cool downs your skin and you get the dewy face when you wake up the next morning.

pamper your skin to look fresh

Tip 10: – Exercise

Last but not the least, do exercises, it boosts up your blood circulation which in turn gives your face a dewy and fresh look.

Exercise,look fresh in Summer


Above list will help you, how-to stay cool and feel fresh during summers and after reading this you will know my beauty hacks to look fresh during the summers. Give your views , share and also comment down below other beauty hacks that you know other than these check out-:

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One more thing carry a smile 🙂 on your face it emits positive vibes from you and also it is a quick key to look pretty, cute and fresh at the same time.

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