Top 10 places for food lovers to eat in Lucknow in 2020!

Lucknow is the land of Nawabs which beholds many natural and historical monuments like Bara Imambara , Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza , Sikhandra Bagh and many more built by the emperor’s of Awadh. The land of cuisines and delicacies has different variety of food and culture out of which we selected best and top 10 places for food lover to eat in lucknow in 2020 .

1. Tunday Kababi

Average price – 400/- rupees  for two ( Menu Given Below)‌“Heaven for non veg food lovers”, this is the oldest restaurant of Lucknow which is also worldwide famous. People from different cities, countries come to Lucknow majorly to explore this food heaven . Famous for its mouth watering spicy  and amazing Galaouti Kebabs which dissolve in your mouth. This place is at first spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020. Ultimate food list!

“Hazi  Murad Ali” is the founder , chef and inventor of the most famous tunday Kabebs which he invented approximately 100 years back and his generation has carried out his recipes till date!‌The recipe contains more the 160 spices which makes its kebab the most unique as well as the most delicious kebabs in the country. ‌

Besides the great “KEBABS” , it is famous for its chicken biryani and is the best chicken biryani in Lucknow .‌It has many sub branches located at different places Lucknow like in Aliganj , Chowk , hazratganj, Aminabad and many more . But it’s main and the oldest branch is in Aminabad Lucknow.

168/6, Old Nazirabad Rd, Mohan Market, Khayali Ganj, Aminabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 2260180522 430 7223)

‌Rated 5 in its food quality,taste and quantity .It’s health and hygiene has been rated 4.7.

It is a top notch restaurant and many Bollywood superstar like Mithun chakraborty, Ayushmann Khurrana, Ranveer Singh , Ajay Devgan and many more have been here specially to taste the delecacies. ‌This place is best for family, friends and group of people for lunch and dinner . Also solo travel to this place is  must to enjoy yourself where there will be only you and the mouth watering food !!

2. Sharma Ji Ki Chai 

Average price – 50/-rupees for two.”CHAI” – The most common beverage.

It is the national beverage of India as in each and every house in India “CHAI” is being made . This 4 letters word is just amazing to make someone fall for it . every generation either be students , working professional, businessman, entrepreneur, old people loves Tea or “Chai” . Chai is available almost everywhere across India and we have almost one tea stall at every 1 KM  and it’s a fact!SHARMA JI KI CHAI has been in the city for more than 10 years and this place is much more from other tea stall or shops as this place has the best  tea “chai” in the whole city. Besides it’s hot, warm and flavorful tea this place is famous for its unique style “SAMOSA” . They have round shaped samosas which are extremely delicious and is also available at a very reasonable price .

This place is at second spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

Sharma Ji ki Chai is located in 34 Trilok, Bisheshwar Nath Rd, Sushanpura, Lalbagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 Phone number -098072 57786

‌On Sunday’s this place is packed and jam and people gather here from different places to taste the “chai”  and stand in long line to get there chance and place there order .‌Besides tea , this place has snacks like Aloo paratha , Poha, different varieties of Samosa, Bun Makhan and many more. This place is lifesaver in chilling cold winters of Lucknow as “chai” makes our body warm and makes us feel relaxed in winters and is mostly drank in chilling cold winters.  Rated 4.5 for its food and drinks . This place is not very big to sit like in restaurant’s but it can hold 5 to 7 people and make sitting arrangements around its surrounding . Take your order and enjoy it in your car .

3. Dastarkhwan

Average price – 500/-rupees for two people .The land of Nawabs  is famous for its cuisine and specially it’s non vegetarian cuisines and there is not just one shop or place for this , there are over 1000’s of shops out of which we have Dastarkhwan in our list as its stand out of the others in its taste, ambience, quality, hygiene and many more .

It is at third spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

As the name suggests this place is just as legendary as its name and also a tough competitor to Tunday Kababi . Dastarkhwan mainly famous for its saffron topped and perfectly cooked chicken biryani  is one of the best and most sold biryani of Lucknow.  Some people say Dastarkhwan has the best biryani,  some sayd Tunday has its and its also one of the great conflicts which happens very easily between two people who love non vegetarian food! 

The restaurant has peaceful atmosphere. Everyone enjoy’s the food and get lost in the taste of their food . Besides biryani , this place has perfect and spicy chicken  as well as mutton food items which has a fragnented aroma in itself .

Located in- 29, BN Road, Lalbagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 phone number -0522 404 4777

This place has different variety of seekh kebabs and also has different variety of vegetarian food items like Chinese, Continental food . This place has many to offer and one must explore this place while visiting this city . Rated as 4.7 place for family, friends and group of people to hangout and try delicious food. This place has amazing atmosphere and a friendly staff .

4. Prakash Kulfi

Average price – 150/- rupees for two people .

Ever imagined kulfi will be one of the top places in any city ? Naah na! But it’s true and a suprise to many of you . This “kulfiwala”  or kulfi shop is very very very  famous in our country and in the world . Food Insider (A more than million subscriber YouTube channel which feature food blogs and tasty food items to try before you die has featured Prakash Kulfi in “TOP 7 FOOD ITEMS TO EAT IN INDIA BEFORE YOU DIE” .

This kulfi palace is at fourth spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

This shop has been there for a while and it is has the most amazing and tasty Kulfi you ever had.  In our early age, we remembered that there in the evening came a Kulfi wala ringing his bell after hearing which we get excited and jump from the bed and ask our parents to buy that one Kulfi . That one Kulfi just made our day and we were happy alot. So those who can relate with me , must go to this place and try the taste of the Kulfi covered with hell lot of faluda. This kulfi is very soft and is a lifesaver from the city’s damp heat during the months of May, June . It is very affordable and has two outlets.  The original one in Aminabad Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi : The Ultimate Kulfi Destination
12, 13, 1st Ln, Mohan Market, Khayali Ganj, Aminabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226018

5. Idrees Biryani

 Average price- 350/-rupees for two people .In India , “you will not find a better mutton biryani than idrees mutton biryani “. This heaven is at fifth spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

  Note this , this is not just a view of 10 or 100 or 1000 of people but it’s opinion of more than 1,00,000 people say this.This place is heaven for mutton lovers as you could find different variety of mutton dishes here . Like we have Tunday kababi for Galaouti kebabs and Chicken biryani , we have much more greater competent Idrees Biryani famous for its mutton biryani . The rice of biryani is soaked in milk and then cooked with more than 15 spices and herbs which makes aromatic , mouth watering, heavenly mutton biryani.

If you visit Lucknow or live in Lucknow this place is a must must go and eat place. It’s like “Taj Mahal of Lucknow” for food . Really it’s just a wonder and I am not boasting . You must try it ! It is fully packed on every day and here the Biryani is served with warm mutton stew and . Also people from different cities come to taste it. Many food blogger’s and food videographer come to this place to take pictures of the delicacies.

 Big Bollywood superstar like Shah Rukh Khan , Salman khan, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali khan , Kareena Kapoor and many more have visited and tasted this dish. Rated as 5 for its food quality,taste as its flavour gets deep inside the mutton and makes every bite delicious.  The only small problem is that it has small place to sit and eat so you might not get a seat but wait you get to eat it and that’s enough !Located in-Idrees Biryani
Jauhari Mohalla, Raja Bazar, Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003

*Prices may change subject to current time. This the approximate cost.

6. Bati Chokha

Average price- 500/- rupees for two people . “Bati Chokha” as the name suggests this place has authentic,classical North Indian food. It is delicious and has perfect taste in every bite .

 The ambiance of this place will make you stunned. When you will enter the restaurant look around yourself you would see proper village, architecture and items. When you enter the restaurant , around the reception area there is a well like structure which look very real. There are stone statues of women carring a “matka” filled with water. They have old wooden ” chauki” to sit and wait to get yourself a place as it is fully packed most of the time. Besides these , near to the wall they have “chakkis” which are to you make wheat flour “aata” from wheatgrain “gehu”. 

There is a wooden tree in the centre around which old wooden furniture like tables, chairs are kept inside the main area . t the top Wooden shed covered with dried grasare placed .

A special and interesting fact about this restaurant is that they do not provide plates to keep food . So do we eat by placing food in our hands?? No . They have special plates made up big leaves of Banana tree. Isn’t it exciting that a place to eat but served with no plates. 

Sattu Bati and chokha is the most famous and favourite dish of this place .  The blend of different vegetables , spices in Chokha and the perfectly cooked bati in the stone furnace taste extremely good together . One who wants to enjoy simple and traditional North Indian food must visit this restaurant. Also try the traditional Indian food like aloo paratha, different variety of Daal , Chokha and many more.  The staff here  is very co operative and very calm and good. The food quality and hygiene is supreme and it has been rated 4.6 by many food magazines.

This restaurant is at sixth spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

Located in -Bati ChokhaB-1/8/69A 44 L Beli Garad Chauraha Main Road, Sector-A, Sector K, Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 2260240

Phone number -522 406 6164

7. Rahim ki Nihari

Average price – 300 /- rupees for two people .

Standing tall till date this 125 years old shop is one of the oldest restaurant of Lucknow . As Tunday is famous for its kebabs , Idrees for its Mutton Biryani similarly Rahim ki Nihari is famous for its Nalla Nihari .

 This place in starting was too small but as the time passed and people get to know this place , this place has become a sensational venue for non vegetarian. People enjoy delicious Nihari, which is meat served with flavorful gravy and the soft Indian bread ” kulchas” which tastes best with Nihari.

People from many places come to try their Nihari and get stunned when they taste it. It has spices which are perfectly mixed with gravy and the meat . Rahim ki Nihari, is famous for its early morning Nihari . Most of the travellers, food blogger’s and other influencers come here in the morning to eat because it is freshly made at that time and provides energy and makes us charge for the whole day. 

This restaurant is recommended for family,  friends and group as it is great and calm place to enjoy the food. One special feature about this place is that, it is open till late 1 am and opens in the morning around 8 am. So people who travel late night and get themselves a place to eat delicious food and make themselves relax. Rated 4.3 for its taste, ambiance. This place is at seventh spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

located in-Rahim Ki Nihari
29, Phool Wali Gali, Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003 phone number -098895 68644

8.  Basket Chaat at Royal Cafe

 Average price- 400/-rupees for two people. most of the Indians specially ladies love local street food item Chaat . It is spicy,tangy, little bit sweet , fully dipped in yoghurt and crispy “paapdi” at the top.

 It is available in every society , locality, outside hospital , near parks and almost most of the places. Chaat is one of the major street food in India . Normally chaats are almost similar everywhere and cost very less. But this basket chaat is worldwide famous and situated in Royal Cafe,Hazratgang,Lucknow .

Film stars like Sushant Singh Rajput  and other actors have been here and loves to eat here . This top notch restaurant is featured in many films like “BALA” and others have been shot in Lucknow . Basket chaat cost around 180/- rupees which is enough for 2 people. 

Located in- Royal Cafe Lucknow9/7, Shahnajaf Rd, Opp. Sahara Ganj Mall, Prem Nagar, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 phone number -093693 51941

9. Pandit Raja Thandai

Average price – 150 /- rupees for two people. Thandai are special beverage made up of pure milk and some ingredients with saffron as topping . Thandai is mostly famous to be made in Indian Festival of “Holi”. This beverage from raja Thandai is very popular among people of Lucknow. People come in summers like in May, June to get relief from the damp heat of the sun.

 Pandit Raja Thandai has been there for more than 120 years and has perfect taste of Thandai. It is totally different from normal Thandai . It has some special secret ingredients , which must have been passed from raja’s ancestors ! This secret ingredient makes it stand apart from other shops. It is present at a very affordable prices . The cool thandai refreshes us as well as our mind.This place has been rated as 4.2 . .This restaurant is at ninth spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

Located in-Pandit Raja Thandai, Chowk LucknowPackers and movers chowk Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003

10. Pandit ji ke dehati rasgulle

We have one more pandit in our list. So at the last but not least member of the list  this place is as amazing as its name. This place has mouth watering gulaab jamun which dissolves instantly when put inside the mouth. This is a palace and journey to adventures food which is very tasty , simple and traditional . The gulaab jamun melts instantly which makes you to buy one more . Gulaab Jamun is the trademark of this place , it also has different items which must be tried at least once like rasgulla , chef’s special rasmalai, different types of peda, balushahi and many more.

This restaurant is at tenth spot in Top 10 places to eat food in Lucknow 2020.

Located in- Pandit Ji Ke Dehati Rasgulle
HIG -4, Shiv Vihar Rd, Sector Q, Sector-A, Sector A, Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226021 Phone number -095544 71240

In the I would conclude that Lucknow is one of major tourist attraction and is a must visit for all food lovers.

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